April Fool Pranks For Friends Over Text

By | September 22, 2021

You know what I mean. Weve come up with a few April Fools text pranks to target your friends and family with.

The Best Text Prank To Pull On Your Girlfriend Boyfriend Funny Texts Pranks Text Pranks Pranks To Pull

Ask him what his future plans about your daughter are.

April Fool Pranks For Friends Over Text. Soup-y shower Unscrew your showerhead and pop in a bouillon cube so your family member takes a shower that smells increasingly like chicken. Say that you can even break the door open if you want. Theyll get freaked out and respond and thats when you choose to never answer.

1522021 This April Fools text prank requires the tail of a rodent. Send lovely fools day quotes fools day text messages wishes funny Jokes to your best friends on 1st April 2019. We just know they sort of did when they started this festival called Hilaria where people used to dress up and mock their fellow citizens.

It could be a toy rodent a piece of frayed shoestring or something similar as you wont be taking a close-up of the tail. 142020 While youre social distancing now is the best time to play some April Fools pranks over text messages Facebook and Instagram. So if youre considering a text message prank this April Fools Day here are a few pranks pulled that your loved ones will never expect.

Levi Dylan Burzlaff-Luett OMeGanSmiles April. Just google it to know more. 2632019 April Fools Prank Messages for friends I am very kind when it comes to picking friends because I dont simply make friends because they are humans I make friends with monkeys just like you my dear.

APRIL Fools Day celebrated on April 1 each year is an annual tradition which includes playing hoaxes or practical jokes on friends family members or strangers. 1622021 Try one of the hilarious text pranks for April Fools. Do a Scary Text Prank on Your Girlfriends for April Fools Day.

Heres a joke thats a little fun but also pretty mean. This joke would give the creeps to your girlfriends when they are alone in their apartment at night. Tell him at your age you were much further along in your relationship and that you expect a clarification at the next family dinner.

332021 April Fool Messages. The Apartment Disaster Prank Text. 3132021 Great April Fools prank.

Choose your victim wisely. Send your boyfriend an anonymous text pretending to be your mom. 3132017 If youre looking for a few good ideas for April Fools Day prank texts here are a few creative ones that your friends will totally love.

532021 What is April Fools. 1 The Awkward Question. No matter what it is 1st March or 1st April.

27122020 April Fools Pranks Text. Ill be so happy if you attend the ceremony. Im either evil or a genius.

Do you hear that Aliens have contacted the Earth. Or whatever we actually dont know why they started this hilarious tradition. Text anyone you know and tell them cops showed up at your house looking for them.

142021 We dont believe this should limit your pranking abilities so weve come up with a few April Fools text pranks to target your friends and family with. A fool is always a fool. April Fools Jokes you can send as a text message.

I am feeling so excited to let you know that Im getting married on the 32nd of March this year. Choose your victim wisely. Text your friend a message that says something like Urgent I need to talk to you about something.

3032016 Cute and funny April fool messages for Friends. Use a number unknown to her and text her that you have been following her for quite some time and want access to her home. April Fools is the holy day for pranksters and it has been ever since the Romans decided they wanted a bit of a laugh during all that conquering.

2512020 3 Best April Fools Text Pranks for your Boyfriend. 142021 Below are just five popular pranks that you can copy or put your twist on to have fun with your loved ones and celebrate April Fools Day.

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