Good Prank To Pull On Your Mom

By | July 7, 2021

Then leave a sticky note behind with a funny saying like Laugh at me or Tell me Im pretty. You can create a fake cake for your parents and tell them that you have a piece of good news to share with them.

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Go to the toilet paper and draw a spider with the sharpie.

Good Prank To Pull On Your Mom. Ur mom will freak when she sees this. Show we watched Captain Penney. I have thought up well mostly remembered some pranks that you will enjoy pulling on your mom or dad.

When I was kid there was tv. -get a piece of tape and a penny. Get some Jell-O in a color like green or orange.

Before pulling these pranks to do at home to your parents make sure that your folks also have the same brand of humor as you do. 1032021 Theyll have no idea where it came from but theyll be delighted. It might be funnier for the younger kids to play the grown up kids pranks.

Even after they learn its a prank I bet the picture stays put. Make them block their numbers with 67. You need a good prank to play on your mom or dad for April Fools Day right.

1182007 Why would you want to pull a prank on your mom. For this prank you need to prepare things a night before. They can also be downright funny if your timing is right.

Startle your parents with potentially contaminated drinking water using a little Jell-O and some creativity. Once ur mom goes to wash her hands she will get sprayed with water. 13 Put Their Phone Or TV In Another Language.

Pat Mom and Dad on the back and tell then you love them. 14102014 In a family gathering or party convince your cousins and jolly aunts to make calls on one of your parents cell numbers and tell them to ask for Bubba. Use the pliers if it is on too tight.

These pranks to do at home to your parents are relatively harmless. For this years prank switch out all your mom. 142021 April Fools Day is the perfect opportunity to pull pranks on your family and friends and if you cannot see them in person today know that there is plenty of fun to be had over text.

1832010 -get a black sharpie and go to ur parents bathroom. At the end of the show he paraphrased Abe Lincoln You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time but you cant fool Mom. The Call works better if you have a partner to help you.

1032021 Leave a note on your wifes car windshield that says Im so sorry I hit your car. So your parents like to enjoy an at-home night cap from time to time. Afterwards serve it to your parents and let them be confused.

142020 Pat on the Back. Keep that in mind. Your partner will call your mum and as soon as she picks up the phone you or your helper should hang up.

Some are great for younger kids and others are great for grown up kids. Pour milk and cereal into a bowl and let it freeze overnight. After the party call your parents yourself and say Hey its Bubba here are there any messages for me.

Once done ask them to cut the cake and serve it to everyone. Put the piece of tape on the faucet and slip the penny into the slot. Along with a random name and number suggested Mothers Niche.

In the meantime just take a ball stick it with strong adhesive glue on a tray and cover it with icing and cream make sure it looks like real cake. Is probably a classic way to prank your mom on April Fools day but its not recommended if your mother faints easily or has heart problems as she might be in a bit of a shock. Next morning just pour a little milk over the bowl so that it looks real from the top view.

Unscrew the mesh cap on the underside of the tip of the bathroom sink faucet. We are all for good clean fun with a double dose of laughter.

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