Good Pranks To Pull On Your Dad

By | August 28, 2021

Weve dug deep into the heart of YouTube and found a great list of hilarious pranks involving dads. Afterwards serve it to your parents and let them be confused.

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2242020 This list has compiled a lot of these pranks with dads.

Good Pranks To Pull On Your Dad. Whether its a simple salt shaker prank with a twist or an elaborate attempt at getting a father to believe the nuclear apocalypse is upon us weve got a heck of a lot of dads thinking the world just went crazy on them. Go into your mom or dads phone setting and change some of. Hide the full mug in the freezer overnight.

These pranks to do at home to your parents are relatively harmless. Brownies Prank Step 1. 142020 Pat on the Back.

Ad Have some laughs in your household this April Fools with these family friendly pranks. 14102014 In a family gathering or party convince your cousins and jolly aunts to make calls on one of your parents cell numbers and tell them to ask for Bubba. Before pulling these pranks to do at home to your parents make sure that your folks also have the same brand of humor as you do.

For this prank you need to prepare things a night before. Mom and Dad. Pat Mom and Dad on the back and tell then you love them.

Then leave a sticky note behind with a funny saying like Laugh at me or Tell me Im pretty. 1862008 I observed this on television—in the event that they have a sprayer on their kitchen sink—the element which you would be able to pull out and spray water—nicely positioned tape around the lever or in spite of the fact that its talked approximately as to make the water pop out–and then while he activates the water it is going to spray suitable at him. In the morning pull out the frozen hot chocolate and drizzle a little hot water on top to melt a tiny bit.

When they try to eat the cereal theyl realise that they cant get the spoon in because the milk is frozen. Make them block their numbers with 67. Make hot chocolate according to package directions in a mug your parents typically use for morning coffee.

And wait for their faces to drop. Tell your parents youve made them breakfast. We are all for good clean fun with a double dose of laughter.

2382018 Make a normal bowl of cereal but then put it in the freezer. They can also be downright funny if your timing is right. 142016 Show your parents either in person or via text message your new ink.

Pour milk and cereal into a bowl and let it freeze overnight. Cereal Prank Step 2. Theyll be so happy.

Cereal Prank Step 3. After the party call your parents yourself and say Hey its Bubba here are there any messages for me. Ad Have some laughs in your household this April Fools with these family friendly pranks.

Next morning just pour a little milk over the bowl so that it looks real from the top view.

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