Thinkgeek April Fools Products That Became Real

By | November 8, 2021

142016 This isnt lost on ThinkGeek and a bunch of the companys past April Fools Day Items have become real items for purchase including the Tauntaun sleeping bag from the. April Fools Day tends to annoy me.

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Yesterday ThinkGeek released their annual April Fools items and they were amazing.

Thinkgeek April Fools Products That Became Real. It worked as a real product for some time taking smaller URLs and made them bigger using three different settings. Last April 1 Freaking Huge URL kicked off with much the opposite intent from URL-shorteners like Bitly or TinyURL. 142014 The Web was full Tuesday of fake products and other April Fools pranks.

But some sites blatantly offer joke products and ThinkGeek does a fabulous job at creating the pe. Movies may be over but their legacy lives on in the ThinkGeek April Fools joke product Bicycle Horn of. Play-Doh version would turn your kids into mad scientist geniuses.

Companies around the world come up with lame products and issue even lamer press releases in a. 1542015 One of the Greatest April Fools Products Became a Real Product – Le Chic Geek. Enterprise Flying Disc and the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag.

Here are some of our favorites beginning with Googles auto photobomb. This April Fools Day ThinkGeek unleashed everything from Mad Max Power Wheels Desert Drifters. By Thinkgeek on April Fools Day include a LED spellcasting staff which lights up and plays audio depending on how youre holding it a.

Many remain fake like the Steam-Powered Gaming Cabinet and the Voltron Cat Condo but others become real products including the USS. Some of the other cool products released. Like Virgin Australias Kids Class cabin.

I cant trust anything. 542011 In a 140-character era one April Fools launch might have you scratching your head. ThinkGeeks foolishly fake products should be real.

The Lord of the Rings. They sometimes become real. But honestly some of the products that brands advertise on April Fools Day sound pretty nice.

As an annual tradition for April 1st Think Geek has once again created stuff we wish were real. Bicycle Horn of Gondor. No more screaming children kicking the back of your seat.

242018 By far the most celebrated of ThinkGeeks pranks-turned-actual-products is a 2009 April Fools Day listing the Tauntaun sleeping bag. The 3D printer without the hefty price tag this entry-level. The online store goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to thinking up April Fools Day products.

242015 ThinkGeek 2015 April Fools items and we wish they were real. 142016 ThinkGeek announces April Fools Day product line-up ThinkGeeks April Fools gags are typically thoughtfully conceived faux-products some of which become real products once enough fans offer. 222021 On April 1 2009 April Fools Day the geek and gaming culture-focused retail company ThinkGeek released a product that they claimed was called Vilhelm Lilleflsks Squeez Bacon.

Kind of like the anti-Christmas April Fools Day is hands down the worst day of the year. 3072019 On April Fools Day 2009 ThinkGeek lampooned the infamously obsessed Star Wars community by claiming they were now selling a tauntaun sleeping bag according to the AV Club which would allow kids to crawl into their own plush. 142014 But unlike other April Fools pranksters ThinkGeeks products have a shot at becoming more than just joke fodder.

142016 ThinkGeek has a long tradition of posting fake products on April Fools Day. 142013 8 ThinkGeek Products We Wish Were Real. Its creations are so believable in fact that a few of them actually became a.

142016 ThinkGeeks Aprils Fools products we wished were real.

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